About IIAC

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The India International Arbitration Centre (IIAC) has been established by the India International Arbitration Centre Act, a statute promulgated by the Parliament of India. The purpose of this enactment is to create an independent and autonomous regime for institutional arbitration. IIAC has been declared as an institution of national importance. The dispute resolution processes that are in place have a huge impact on the Indian economy and the global perception on doing business in India. To this end, the IIAC aims to inspire confidence amongst parties (both domestic and international) by providing a neutral dispute resolution platform for resolution of commercial disputes through a seamless arbitral process.

The team at IIAC
The IIAC is managed by a team of eminent persons having substantial knowledge and experience in institutional arbitration, both domestic and international. The Chairperson is a former Judge of the Supreme Court of India.

Objects and Functions of the IIAC
The objects and functions of the IIAC, among other things, are as follows:
  • to bring targeted reforms to develop itself as a flagship institution for conducting international and domestic arbitration in India;
  • to promote research and study, providing teaching and training, organising conferences and seminars on arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • to provide facilities and administrative assistance for arbitral proceedings;
  • to maintain panels of accredited arbitrators both at national and international level;
  • to collaborate with other national and international institutions and organisations for ensuring credibility of the IIAC as a specialised institution in arbitration;
  • to set up facilities in India and abroad to promote the activities of the IIAC;
  • to facilitate the conduct of international and domestic arbitration in the most professional manner;
  • to provide cost effective and timely services for the conduct of arbitration;
  • to promote studies in the field of alternative dispute resolution;
  • to impart training in alternative dispute resolution to those who are handling arbitration.
Chamber of Arbitration and Arbitration Academy
The Chamber of Arbitration, established by the IIAC, will scrutinise the applications for admission to the panel of arbitrators and thereafter empanel arbitrators. The Chamber of Arbitration shall consist of experienced arbitration practitioners of repute (at national and international level) and persons having wide experience in the area of alternative dispute resolution.

The IIAC may establish an Arbitration Academy to train arbitrators, particularly in the area of international commercial arbitration; and to conduct research in the area of alternative dispute resolution

Promote India as an Arbitration hub
The IIAC has been set up with an overall objective of promoting and developing India as a major arbitration hub by facilitating a quick and efficient dispute resolution mechanism.